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5 Keys For Achieving Hi-Quality Website Development

Today, website development is one of the most well respected capabilities an IT consulting organization can possess. It can be thought of as both a science and an art. It is a science when you think about all the technical capabilities a team must bring together in order to produce the kind of website they want. Often, that is the most effective and efficient website you can you can imagine. And yet, every project is limited by its available resource; eg., computer hardware and skilled personnel. website development company austin At the same time, it can also be considered an art. What business processes can be, or should be, automated? What kind of customer transactions can be handled effectively, efficiently and securely? What data must be maintained to support all this work?

Depending on the nature of your business, inventory management, accounting, payment processing, customer support and customer relationship management are the processes that must all swing into action once the customer transaction is initiated and completed. The fact that a number of these functions must now be processed over the Internet only makes the website development all the more difficult. The website is vital to the management of all your business activities. Your company must have a strategy for integrating the business processes with the website technology that initiates each of these internal functions.

Given this environment, your website development project will deliver the expected, hi-quality results if 5 key outcomes are delivered. Website development has become a task that many individuals have come to believe is relatively easy. For instance, the introduction of development tools, such as WordPress and Joomla, has made it relatively simple and straight forward to develop a website. However, these tools only make it easier for experienced developers to quickly deliver a fully functional website.

The website development process traditionally involved meeting a set of milestones loosely referred to as design, development, testing and implementation. Completed sequentially, as they often were, this process could easily take several months to complete. Today the website development process is characterized by processes and activities that are completed rapidly and more simultaneously, as opposed to sequentially. Ultimately, the standard results have not really changed. Following is a list of 5 key performance results that must be met by every website development project, if it’s to be considered a hi-quality success.

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