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Design Stone Fireplace Project With Faux Stone

When undertaking any home renovation or design project with interior stone, you need at least two elements: quality, and variety. When it comes to adding manufactured stone veneer to that interior project, man made rock satisfies both requirements.

Uncompromising Faux Stone Quality

Manufactured stone, also known as faux stone or artificial stone, is engineered from a precisely formulated blend of Portland cement, natural rock aggregates, and carefully selected pigments. At only a fraction of the weight of natural rock, manufactured stone eliminates the need for structural reinforcing, foundations, and footings. Thus, the stone can be installed on any stable interior or exterior wall surface, facing, or elevation, including those where natural rock would be impractical. While some manufacturers of artificial stone cut corners on their components and processes, usually most of them has been careful to select only quality suppliers with a reputation for durable, weather and wear-resistant components. As a result, they’re able to offer an industry-leading 50-year guarantee on every rock they carry.

Unparalleled Manufactured Stone Selection

Artificial rock carries the full product lines of stone, giving you the widest possible variety of styles, textures, and colours suitable for any project. Want to put a stone fireplace in your bedroom? How about an outdoor kitchen clad with river rock? Perhaps you want to jazz up those pillars in your basement family room with ledge stone. Or maybe you want to change the whole look of your house — and increase its resale value — by replacing its faded old siding with attractive natural-look faux stone siding. What ever the design, man made rocks have a huge selection to match all natural stones.

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