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Freelance Copywriting – Get Training in Your Current Job

Want to get started as a freelance copywriter? Copywriters write sales materials, rather than informational text, so developing copywriting skills means learning how to sell.

If you’re not sure you can sell, here’s how to learn.

The best way to learn is in your current job. I started by writing sales copy and news releases for a business I was running many years ago. All of my freelance copywriting friends started writing sales and marketing materials in their jobs.

Learning how to write copy in your current job is the best training you can get. You can test the copy on your colleagues, and you’ll see very quickly what does and doesn’t work. When your boss spends $10,000 on a mail-out and it bombs, the results aren’t pleasant; you have real motivation to discover what went wrong.

Most importantly of all, when you learn on the job you’ll realize that your copywriting skills develop greatly when you develop the right mindset.

Writing Sales Copy Is a Mindset – Honesty Counts

I’m sure you’ve read lots of sales pages on the Web which sounded sleazy – you can tell instantly that the copywriter doesn’t believe in the product. The copywriter didn’t have the right mindset when he was writing the copy. You can’t convince people when you’re not convinced. On the other hand, if you’re completely convinced about the worth of a product, you’ll have no trouble convincing others.

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Lack of belief in a product – and sleazy copywriting – results when a copywriter doesn’t understand a product well enough to be able to sell it. When you’re writing copy in your current job, you already understand the product and you believe in it.

This helps when you start accepting copywriting clients. From your experience, you will know that before you write a word, you must find out all you can about the product. Only when you’re convinced of what you’re writing will you be able to write copy which sells.

Want to Write Copy in Your Current Job – Ask!

Getting copywriting training in your current job is often simple. Ask. Small businesses farm out copy. Larger businesses have marketing departments. Find out who’s writing copy for your employer, and let him know that you’re keen to learn copywriting.

Once you have some experience, you can start taking on your own freelance copywriting clients.

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