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Improving Your Golf Game – Taking a Balanced Approach

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned golfer, you know that Golf is all about balance. In order to play golf consistently you must have balance in your golf game.

  • You need to get the right balance on your feet.
  • In the movement of your body.
  • In the swing of the clubs and so on.

However, balance goes further than just the body.

In order to play consistently, you need to have balance not only in your body, but in your mindset too.

Too often, players are thinking of the missed shot or putt. You need to focus on the shot that you are playing. There is nothing that you can do about the shots already taken, so let them go and focus on your current situation.

When you take lessons, one of the first things that you are taught is about proper weight distribution on our feet and weight distribution during the swing.

Much of this may seem foreign to the beginner, Choices Hack but this training helps the player to find balance in their game so the actions are effortless and natural.

Balance should flow through the entire swing in one fluid action. From the time you start your backswing to the time you complete your follow through, you should always be in balance.

It is a natural feeling that will become second nature with practice.

Once you find balance both in your mind and body, you will start striking the ball more consistently. Until you find your balance it will be very difficult to find any consistency in your game.

When you have your upper body positioned correctly behind the ball, you will find that you are naturally distributing your weight more evenly across your feet.

Stand balanced on your feet with no more pressure on the front of the foot than the back.

A good way to know if you have your weight evenly distributed is to address the ball as you normally would. Have a playing partner push your shoulders slightly. If you remain in position then your weight is evenly distributed.

Give this a try the next time you are out practicing or on the golf course.

Position yourself behind the ball and gently swing through without making any effort to concentrate on the distribution of the weight on your feet.

You will find that this will come naturally with no effort at all and that is precisely how you should feel when you are striking the ball.

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