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Information Product Creation – What is a Sales Funnel?

ou’ve no doubt heard the term many, many times. But if you’re like most small and micro business people, you don’t have a formal sales funnel defined. After all, if you get a few moments free you generate a product. clickfunnel discount If you don’t have time, you don’t generate a product. There’s just too much work! Even if you tried to create a formal sales funnel when you started chances are it’s gone the way of the dinosaur. And even if it included your squeeze page product — a free eBook for example — it certainly didn’t include any references to your marketing.

And that’s a mistake!

Your sales funnel is how you are going to maximize your income from your customer. It defines each product in the sales system you are going to use. And how that product moves your client to your main product.

But a formal sales funnel in today’s world needs to be much more than that.

You see marketing today has begun to focus on increasing the cool. What’s increasing the cool? It’s adding free products to your marketing for three reasons. It’s to prove you know what you are doing. It’s to give your customers a reason to buy from you. And most of all, it’s to give your customers a reward for following you.

Your sales funnel today needs to be a formal map. Each product on it needs to be focused on moving your customer to your maximum profit product. Unless, of course, it’s a so-called reverse sales funnel. Which is actually a double funnel in which most of your product sales occur after the maximum profit product?

Regardless, every product needs to be on your sales funnel. This includes products developed specifically for marketing purposes.

Why does every product need to be on the formal funnel map?

Firstly, because it’s much easier, faster and ultimately cheaper to use a system for learning content development that is integrated. A system that helps you develop a single map of your topic. And then copies that map to the various content maps for each product rather than develop a complete new map for each product.

Secondly, the changes that are occurring in the marketplace are beginning to overload the ability of micro-businesses to create content. When you created a single big product and maybe three or four smaller sub-products, it was possible to use an ad-hoc system.

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