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Move Over Movies – Hollywood Facelift Goes 3D

Wide Awake Face Lift eliminates the fear of anesthesia in that requires no major anesthesia. Now with the introduction of 3D facelift, there is a new breakthrough in facelift procedure through reversing facial fat loss (the 3rd dimension of aging) thus preventing the “too pulled” and done look that is common with a traditional facelift.

Gravity has been blamed as the main cause of aging but the lesser known and neglected cause has been the fat loss in select areas of the face. The classic facelift pulls the face in only a two-dimensional angle even though the loss of fat in the face causes it to age in the third dimension. The 3D Face Lift breaks tradition of the old facelift by adding the person’s own fat to hollow areas of the face.

The avant-garde procedure takes place with the patient wide-awake using only local 123 movie anesthesia and, remarkably, sitting up! Following the face lift he takes fat from unwanted areas and then processes and re-injects it into the areas of the face affected by thinning, such as under the eyes and cheeks.

What is more amazing is that our fat harbors a lot of stem cells which when injected under your skin can act as repair cells by producing natural growth factors and rehabilitating sun damaged and aging skin. So more recently, have been taking advantage of these stem cells from fat, which then repairs volume, aging skin, and the underlying tissue.

The 3D lift is Hollywood’s newest fountain of youth, giving outstanding and progressive results. In about an hour patients look younger, and most importantly natural, after having a procedure that used only local anesthesia!

Payman Simoni, MD is a dual board certified facial plastic surgeon. Dr. Simoni’s new 3D face lift combined with his natural looking results, has made him one of the most sought after plastic Surgeons in Beverly Hills, CA. For more information refer


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