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Print Spooler Keeps stopping, How to fix it?

It is very convenient to get a printed document from a printer, but many users face an error with the printer spooler while doing their job. Print spooler is mainly a software program that handles all printing activities that currently sent to the printer or print server.

The user can handle multiple print jobs at a time with the help of the print spooler, and it eliminates the need for an application to keep busy until the printing process is complete and helps to prevent system performance decline.

Because of many causes, the printer spooler error can occur, and the problem is most likely related to the corrupted Driver installed in the printer. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the printer: scanner program and start from scratch. Below we listed the Printer Spooler troubleshooting steps about how to repair it?.

Steps to fix Printer Spooler keeps stopping Issue

There are different ways to fix the printer spooler error, so we’ve penned the most straightforward And the quickest way to get rid of it the printer error. All users can follow the steps as guided below, and we hope that the print spooler keeps stopping automatically steps penned here will be helpful for all of you to get instant relief from the Issue of the printer.

Remove the Spool Folder’s Content

Initially, It is advisable, that the user remove the content of drivers and printers from the files.

To access the spool folder containing both files, enter the following path on the Windows Explorer address bar and then press Enter.



Remove the Driver’s files and folders and then remove the content from another tab.

Restart the print spooler after that.

Reboot the machine now and try again to print.

Reinstall the Driver of your Printer

Visit the official website and download and install the new Driver on the device from there.

After the Driver’s installed, the device’s rebooted, and the printer spooler operation restarted.

Delete Duplicated Drivers

Remove the undesirable printer driver that prevents the print spooler keeps stopping from adding new printers, so we’ve mentioned the following steps for you all.

Press both the window and the R key at the same time.

A dialogue box will now be open to run.

Type MSC in the execute dialogue box then presses the enter key.

Now open all drivers by right-clicking and delete the unwanted Driver by right-clicking on the respective Driver and selecting the delete option from the context menu.

After removing the Driver, reboot the computer and restart the service for the printer spooler.

.Configure Driver Isolation

I am keeping the error stop avoiding conflict between the printer drivers to solve the printer spooler.

Begin the Run dialogue box, press the windows together with the R key.

Now, as discussed above, open print management.

Enable all drivers after that.

Right-click your printer driver and move the cursor to select isolation and isolation.

Now leave the management of the paper.

Reboot the computer and restart the spooler for the printer.

Remove Unwanted Registry Key

Type “Regedit” first of all in the dialogue box to run and Tap Enter.

Navigate to the following route as described below.


Before setting up the registry, it suggested that the database backed up.

In the case of misconfiguration, the backup of the database will help to get back to the earlier state. So, follow the steps listed here for printer troubleshooting.

First of all, click on the file and from the context menu pick export.

Now select the desktop to save the current configuration of the registry.

Type backup as the name of the file and select all the above export range from there.

Tap on save after that.

Now delete all keys except the default Internet Print Provider and LanMan Print Services.

For example, if there is an additional key, delete it, the other key is Printing Services.

Open the Registry Editor after that.

The machine is now rebooting.

Scan the System for Malware

Download antivirus software and clean up your system to get rid of your PC’s virus.

The machine and the printer spooler operation will also restart after that.


If there is a corrupted file problem or you fail to read or write data from the hard disk, the CHKDSK / R command will run for that purpose.

The utility disk will help you find the bad sectors and solve them if they, You can remove them.

Open the Command Prompt from the starting menu.

Type the command after this, and then press Enter.

Now it’s going to say, “Test the disk can’t run as the computer’s volume is in use,” and the calls for a reboot.

To reboot the system, press the “Y” key and hit the enter key.

Reboot your computer now.

Wait until the file system has repaired.

After the hard disk repair, the windows will reboot.


Check in the windows for corruption and use the system file checker.

Run it on the prompt of the command, and if the utility finds corruption in any system file, it will try to solve it.

It also includes additional commands like “scanner.” If possible, it scans the integrity of protected files and repairs problem files.

So, we hope that the printer mentioned above troubleshooting steps about Printer Spooler will continue to stop How to fix it? Helpful to all of you, so if the above steps were necessary to you, please share this article with others so that they can also relieve the printer spooler error.

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