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Romantic Flims With Witches To See On Halloween

‘I Married a Witch’ with Veronica Lake and Fredric March could be the foremother of all romantic comedies about a witch in love with a “mortal man”. It is based on a novel ‘The Passionate Witch’ by Thorne Smith.

The movie begins during the Salem witch-hunts. Veronica Lake’s witch character Jennifer, and her father, are burned, and she casts a spell on the witch-hunter, Jonathan Wooley, played by Fredric March. He and his male descendants will always marry the wrong woman. After an expose of generations of Wooleys miserable in their marriages, we enter the present day, where the current Wooley, played by March, is about to marry. The witches’ spirits are released from the prison where they have been waiting after their bodies burned, and they start haunting Wooley. Things turn, and Jennifer falls in love with Wooley, just as we knew she would.

Will she be able to stop his marriage? Will serie streaming her father be able to stop her from marrying Wooley? Will he love her even after he knows she’s a witch?

Bell, Book, and Candle (1958)

‘Bell, Book, and Candle’ is not based on a book, but on a play. In it, a witch, Gillian (played by Kim Novak) tries to spoil a man’s engagement to her college enemy, but she falls in love with him in stead, and loses her magic. The man, Shep (James Stewart), finds out that she’s a witch, and goes to another witch (who happens to be Gillian’s mentor), who breaks Gillian’s love spell, and Shep leaves Gillian. Will he manage to get his fiancée back? Will Gillian get her magic back?

This movie has some interesting sidekicks, like Gillian’s brother, also a witch, played by Jack Lemmon.

‘I Married a Witch’, ‘Bell, Book, and Candle’ and the 60’s TV series ‘Bewitched’, have very much in common. The movies were probably the reason why the television series was created.

Bewitched (2005)

This movie is based on the television series popular in the 60’s. The movie doesn’t manage to create the charm of the television series, and many fans of the original series were very disappointed with the movie. I saw the movie before seeing any episode of the series, and I thought it was rather charming.

The movie depicts the making of a remake of the television series. Will Ferris plays Jack, the actor going to play Darrin. He wants to find an unknown girl to play Samantha, and finds Isabel, played by Nicole Kidman, who happens to be a witch in real life. Isabel falls in love with Jack, but when Jack finds out she’s a witch, he can’t deal with it. It all ends up well, of course, as this is a romantic comedy, and the end of the movie has some lovely nods to the ‘Bewitched’ series.

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