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Soccer Fitness – You Don’t Need to Run Long Distances!

If you interested in playing football (or soccer as it is known in the US) or if you are an experienced player, you might already realise that there is a lot of wrong information and routines that are used by unknowledgeable football trainers. Every football player and coach must try and educate himself that training methods have evolved. Now it is time to use modern and sophisticated physical training programs for getting the desired fitness and strength to play the game well.

One of the most common football fitness mistakes is doing long distance running. Many people still recommend running for long distances for footballers and many teams still use this as part of their overall fitness program.

The truth is long distance running is not needed for the football fitness. xem bong da truc tuyen The sad part is, those recommending long distance running often have good football as far as skills and tactics are concerned, but have little knowledge of fitness. There are also so called online soccer gurus who recommend long distance running for football fitness, and yet they only really interested in selling badly researched information products to amateur footballers.

It may seem counter-intuitive but if you are a serious football player and you want to get good fitness, you should avoid mistakes such as long distance running one-paced non-explosive running.

A good soccer fitness program should consist of interval training and sprints. As you know, there is no player that runs for the entire game time. Even the most lively of player will be running and then stopping as the game will have natural stoppages for things such as injuries, free-kicks and corners. Interval training will prepare the average footballer much better for this type of stop/start type of sport.

Unfortunately, this type of old fashioned thinking is still quite common amongst football trainers and coaches. Unlike marathon runners, a football player needs to act fast and change direction all of the time. He simply will not get enough strength for playing football by training to be a marathon runner.

You still here stories of poor training methods such as the player who was forced to run around five kilometers per day on a concrete track as part of his exercise routine. This type of training can cause strain and stress injuries, and also can be mentally dulling. These mistakes that can cause injury should be avoided at all costs when you are formulating a soccer fitness program.

Football players don’t have the same type of attributes as athletes have for running long distances. In reality, it will run the risk of adversely affecting both a footballer’s physical and mental capacity.

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