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West End Toronto – Living and Loving It Here!

Urban Toronto is a mega city known for its unique neighbourhoods and personalities. West of Yonge Street, Toronto has an ever-changing personality as it bends and twists from one neighbourhood to yet another with historical sites and buildings along the way.

Core of the city’s identity is Old City Hall, that’s a showplace of history and exquisite craftsmanship. Sunnyside Pavilion another historical building dating back to the 1800’s is a landmark along the western waterfront. With its manicured gardens, a boardwalk and an inviting beachfront caf, you can sip your beverages while dragon boats, rowers and canoes drift by. This beautiful building is the site of many wedding photo shoots. Nothing is more enjoyable than experiencing your city while strolling along the busy waterfront.

Along this part of the city that’s by the water, you’ll also find a number of facilities for sporting enthusiasts. They include one of the oldest and largest of its type rowing clubs dating back to the late 1800’s called the Argonaut Rowing Club with its course running 4,000 meters along the western beaches of Toronto from the west side of Ontario Place to the mouth of the Humber River. Alongside is the Toronto Sailing and Canoe Club, a non-profit and volunteer run club going back to cad drawings toronto the 1880’s. Here you’ll find outriggers, sailing, canoeing and dragon boat paddlers. The beautiful and exclusive Boulevard Club sits proudly on the waterfront and is one of the finest exclusive Yachting and sports facilities in Toronto, also proud of its 90 plus year history. The Martin Goodman trail that runs along the waterfront starts from the Western Beaches stretching to the Eastern Beaches. It’s a multi-use recreational trail that traverses through a multitude of high developed environments where you’ll find people jogging, walking and running against a scenic backdrop of Lake Ontario. Here you can feel the breezes off the lake, watch the sailboats going by, kids playing in the sand and almost forget that you’re in the city! Also found in this western part of the city is the famous Exhibition Place, where every year the 18 day fair begins and you can hear “Let’s go the to Ex!” Its 192 acres of parkland and historical buildings.

West Toronto is also home to the city’s major museums and galleries. The ROM is the 5th largest museum in North America with over 40 galleries and amazing dinosaur, fossil, African and Near Eastern Art collections. Both The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) revamped by Toronto native architect Frank Gehry and OCAD’s (Ontario College of Art & Design) with Will Alsop’s unique building design are world recognized and landmarks for this area. In addition to enjoying the art exhibitions and special collections within the Art Gallery of Ontario, one can also visit Jackman Hall, which fosters cinema as art and features documentaries and art related films. There is a huge following of patrons who take advantage of this incredible venue.

You’ll also find Toronto’s theatre district, sports arena’s, major galleries and great music scenes from classic, blues, jazz to rock found west of Yonge Street.

When you’re looking to choose a community that best defines your personality, you first want to explore how these different neighbourhoods feel. Are you looking for a hipster haven, somewhere full of young professionals? Perhaps you feel more at home amongst cultural diversity or hoods with urban families and strollers? Each and every part of Toronto has a different flavour and appeal.

Throughout the years, these different hoods have reinvented themselves from the coffeehouse days in Yorkville to today’s historic charm meshed with designer boutiques, world-class galleries and upscale restaurants. The Annex is one of the cities most affluent and diverse communities with Edwardian and Victorian mansions making it one of the more expensive neighbourhoods to live in. Chinatown an ethnic enclave is famous for its bustling markets with exotic fruits and vegetables and oodles of great eateries like the Bright Pearl for dim sum and mouth-watering Mother’s Dumplings. Kensington Market’s labyrinth like streets with the many tiny shops and produce stands almost make you feel like you’re in another country

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